How to Brew Using the Pour Over Method

A "Pour Over" coffee brewer is a simple cone shape object. It stands steadily on it's own and has a hole at the base of the cone. Then using a similarly shaped cone paper filter coffee enthusiasts are able brew an incredibly delicious cup of hot coffee. The pour over method requires pouring hot water through coffee grounds that are resting in a filter. The water soaks through the coffee and filters directly into your favorite mug. However Pour over can simultaneously mean "filter coffee" or "drip coffee", this should not be confused with machines that require electricity to brew. The end product of your work is satisfying and flavorful - without a huge mess to clean up. In order to finish your coffee brewing ritual you simply toss the used paper filter in the trash. We will walk you through the supplies to create a successful Pour Over cup of coffee.

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Which Pour Over Produces the Best Coffee?

When you are shopping for an efficient way to brew coffee look no further than a Pour Over. There are many companies who produce different variations of this device. The best part about this is you do not have to buy the most expensive Pour Over to get long term use of your brewer. Much of the flavor provided by a Pour Over comes from the freshness of your beans and quality of your grind. The Good Grips 1.5-Cup White Pour-Over Coffee Maker by OXO provides a great cup of coffee while giving you the control of how much coffee you’d like to brew. It is a little pricer than your average grocery store pour over but we felt that it’s even water distribution system gave the coffee a thorough brew. The filters are easy to find at your local grocery store, because the device size is universally sized.


The Clever Dripper by Clever is your writer’s go-to daily coffee maker. As the name implies, this device is genius. It has the same capacity of a typical pour over it but also includes a shut-off valve design that holds the coffee until one’s complete inner satisfaction. The full immersion brewing method was once only for the French Presser’s but now can be enjoyed by all Clever Dripper users. There are various versions of the Clever Dripper and the most recent iteration is BPA free. When purchasing filters the manufacturer insists that their filters are required but regular grocery store filters seem to work fine as long as you get the bigger size of the single cup brewers.


The Hario V60 by Hario

This Japanese device is sleek, well-crafted, and built for efficiency. It’s cool spiral design in the middle implies that it’s the optimum choice for your coffee filtration. We’re still not sure if the price conveys that, however. The price tag may be a little high, perhaps, because it is imported from Japan, along with pricey delicate filters. It comes in a variety of sizes and materials (plastic versus ceramic). The plastic, in comparison to the ceramic option, one seems to be the safer purchase (as one can be prone to spilling before their morning cup). It does make a gorgeous addition to a stylish coffee bar.


What is the Best Coffee Grinder for Me?

Part of the Pour Over coffee brewing process is grinding your coffee beans fresh for every cup. To invest in a small conical burr hand grinder will have tremendous pay-off for years to come. While brewing for Pour Over you are usually only brewing enough for one generous cup so it is not necessary to invest in an extravagant grinder. However, this guide is geared towards new coffee hobbyists. Down the road you might want to hone in on the size of your coffee granules which would require more precise equipment.

Hario Skerton Plus by Hario

Hario is well known for their elegant product designs and this grinder is testament to that. It is a gorgeous mill that works effortlessly with two hands. The quality parts are made of stainless steel and glass. Additionally, the ceramic burrs provide very consistent ground size, while being adjustable and replaceable.

Onyx Black Coffee and Spice Grinder by KitchenAid

If you’re looking for an option that requires less exertion but maybe not as precise as the Skerton. The Coffee and Spice Grinder by KitchenAid is a little powerhouse of joy. It has a visible blade that quickly grinds your beans into a fine powder if you press on it too long. The mechanism just We recommend this grinder for its durability and efficiency. 


Why is My Pour Over Coffee Bitter?

This question usually pops up after you’ve made the investment of the pour over device and the grinder. One solution that drastically improves the taste of our home brew is the purchase of a Gooseneck Kettle. Yes, you can use a normal kettle with a wide spout to create a Pour Over. However, the controlled flow of water from the dignified arched spout of a Gooseneck Kettle allows for a more even distribution of water over the fresh grounds. Many of the Gooseneck Kettles come with their own heating element which allows more experimentation. Coffee, sometimes, prefers to be brewed at a somewhat lower temperature and chaotic boiling water can lead to uneven brews. Gooseneck kettles do not usually come cheap - specifically if you’d like one that is not prone to rust. You’ll be glad you made the investment as you pour water meditatively into your prepared Pour Over. We appreciate the choices and definitions on SpruceEats - there's a Gooseneck Kettle for every coffee drinker!


Now that you have all your materials, check our next post for suggested recipes! You’ll be Pour Over brewing in no time!